Say Hello To Our New Family Members!

21 Days, 504 LOOOONG Hours, 51 Turns by Hand, And We have Chicks! 7 of them! And of course, The Hatch was the best part!

Faith and I Literally camped in the closet waiting on them to hatch. We had blankets, Pillows, And even snacks! She refused to leave, she just had to stay to (And I Quote “See the baby chickens crack open and be with their friends.” If I’d ask her to come out, she’d say  “No I’m staying with my chicken Family.”  So From Lockdown until the Final hatch, We sat, and we watched….

Lockdown is day 18, And after that you can’t open the incubator or touch the newly hatched balls of fur, until they’re all out, or the time is up. (We gave them all until 23 Days. On Day 23 We did a water float test and there weren’t any movements, So my amazing husband buried them. Yes, Buried. They were still chicks, so they deserved some respect.)

One Hatched on Day 20. Two on 21, and Four on 22. Out of the batch of 4, 3 ended up needing a little help. They had flipped upside down like a Breech baby. So I gave them quite a while to try to get out, after making sure they could breathe, and then I went in with tweezers and very carefully chipped a piece of egg off near the pip hole, and would give them time to finish the job. I continued until they successfully finished hatching then I left them alone. I let them kick out of the egg without my assistance, and they did wonderfully!


Now they’re all in the Makeshift brooder for now. We’ll add them with the other chicks in a few days. OH! And those chicks are growing so fast! We also added another duck. Someone needed a home for him, so we took him in.

Faith has named them! Some I LOVE, some, I tried to sway a bit, but she likes them, so We’ll stick with them!

We have…..


Carol/Daryl (Faith Let a Friend name him/her for their Birthday!)

Chicken Family

Chicken..Family… (remember, Faith is 3…Lol)

Chicken Little

Chicken Little





Topsy Turvy

Topsy Tuvy




I Do have some Awesome videos of the hatching! But, I can’t upload them here yet, So I’ll Upload them to YouTube soon, and share the Link. For Now, I have a Few pictures of the hatch…





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