DIY Incubator

Hens are naturally the best incubators. They have the best hatch rate as well. But what do you do When you don’t have a Hen? Or when you have hens who aren’t ready to be mama’s and they refuse to sit on the eggs?   You Incubate them yourself, Of Course.
        As I stated previously, I had 6 Eggs Sitting on my counter, And It was 3 days before I was to pick up 11 More! I didn’t have an Incubator, Nor A Broody Hen. So I decided that we’d do a Homemade Incubator. I looked at a few DIY ones to gain some inspiration and product feedback. We got a spare cooler, An Unused Light Fixture,  And Some 60 Watt Light Bulbs. I didn’t have a fan to use for Air Circulation, Or a Thermostat so I ordered them Online. Thank you, Amazon Prime and your amazing 2 Day Shipping!
       I also bought a few digital Thermometers and hygrometer. By the way, Hygrometer is just a fancy word for a Device that measures Humidity levels. Neither Thermometer was spot on, and each was different and a few degrees apart from the other, So I grabbed a 3$ Mercury Thermometer from Ace When we went to town. We had everything we needed. And it cost 40$. It could have cost less if I wouldn’t have only gotten Prime items.
We drilled small holes every 3 Inches with a 1/4 IN Drill Bit. This is for ventilation. We then Cut a hole a little less than 4 IN by 6 IN on the lid for the viewing window. I taped down a piece of glass from a picture frame that I had unfilled. My husband wired up our Fan and Thermostat. The light (Heat Source) kicks on when the temp is almost too low And kicks off when it’s just right. Like a home Heather or AC unit. The Fan Goes constantly to make sure all air is the same temp.
I did add a small bag of hot water to help keep the temp when I open the lid to turn the eggs. Usually, you’d add a bowl of water with a sponge to keep humidity levels in the satisfactory range (For Us that’s 25%-35%) but as of now, It isn’t necessary due to outside humidity levels. I’ll adjust it during Lockdown. (That’s when it should be (60%-75%)
I’ll add posts and Update as the eggs continue to Incubate. They’re over 1/3 of the way done already!

Spare Cooler (FREE!)

Spare Light Fixture (FREE)

Spare Cords for Wire (FREE)

Glass from a Picture Frame (FREE)


Helllllo Eggs! (All of those markings are so we know what side to turn them to, And how big the air cell is/was)


Here are a Few Candling Videos!

Day 7 ( )

Day 8 ( )

****I’m NOT affiliated with any companies or products. I’m only sharing what we used, And what they look like****


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