Chicks And Ducks And Eggs Oh My!

It was an accident. I was only going to get some supplies for a brooder box. (That’s where you put chicks and ducklings once they’ve hatched.)

I’ve heard of Service dogs and other pets. They can help with social skills and comfort. With Faith being Autistic, She started to quit talking as much. Regressing is the name her doctor gave it. She’s allergic to pet dander so a service animal as out of the question. Then her Doctor said he had heard of Chickens being used as therapy pets. He knows we live out in a  rural area, and he smiled and said that maybe it could help. I was desperate to try anything. I already missed her chatting with us. When we got home we talked it over.

          Faith’s seizures are anxiety based. If she gets really worked up, She has one. Her temper is short, and her tantrums can last hours. We figured that there wasn’t anything to lose. If nothing else, We’d get Fresh Eggs and be One Step closer to our self-reliant goal.
We decided to get fertile eggs and build a DIY Incubator out of a cooler. Faith is very interested in the life cycle of a chick so I knew she’s love to see the incubation and hatch process. (I’ll make another post with pictures of the Brooder Box and Incubator)
We ordered 6 Eggs From a Hatchery not far away. 3 Rhode Island Reds, And 3 Ameraucana’s. The Ameraucana’s Lay colored eggs. Like Green, and Blue. What kid wouldn’t like that? I’m an adult and it excites even me! I wanted to get a few more, So we ended up getting 11 More Eggs. They’re Easter Eggers. Just Like the Ameraucana’s, They lay colored eggs. From what I understand, The Easter Eggers are just Mixed Breeds that could be part Americuna’s. They still lay colored eggs, So It’s completely fine to not have pure breeds. They are in the Incubator now. Chicken eggs take approximately 21 days to hatch, but, Like human babies, some come earlier and some later.
This led us to get the brooder ready.

        My husband is still building the wooden one, so we grabbed a large plastic container and decided to use it temporarily. I had a brooder lamp but my bulb was blown. We went to tractor supply to grab a replacement and a feeder…..
We got there, and wouldn’t you know it, they had chicks. We could hear them as soon as the door opened. With us having Three Kids, We have to have two carts for the kids. We pushed them over to the chicks to see how they reacted. Faith instantly locked on to them. All I had to do was look at David. We both had decided to get a few. We got 8 Rhode Island Reds. As they were picking them for us, Jr decided he wanted a duck. The minimum was two, So we got two of those as well. We grabbed everything we were there for, Plus some Feed.
We did lose one Chick. I spoon fed her and tried to help,  but she was just too weak. I haven’t told Faith, and she hasn’t noticed. I’m sure there will come a time to talk about life and death, I just didn’t feel like it was the right time.

        For Now, we will finish the incubation of the Eggs, And Keep preparing to move the chicks all to a Coop.


Rhode Island Red Chick


Easter Egger Chicks


Rhode Island Red Chick


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