How It All Began… 

Imagine this. You’re 18. Just discovering the world. You live in a Busy city and life is a constant buzz. Noise never fades, and days fly by unnoticed. One weekend, You visit a family member who lives a few hours away in a city so rural that they don’t even have traffic lights or a Wal-Mart. It’s just a visit.. Until they have a family friend visit and he causes a fire to ignite inside of you. It causes your heart to buzz louder than any city could ever be….
Fast forward a few years. I am married to the love of my life. We have Three beautiful children together. And somehow I have gone from City girl to living so far out that the closest convenience store doubles as an animal processor. It’s amazing how everything can change in the blink of an eye. I used to spend so much time going, that I’d never stop to notice the little things. Not I only focus on the little things. They always form a bigger picture.

Let’s start with some introductions.
I’m Britnay. I’m 22, A Wife of 4 years to my amazing Husband David, and Mom of Three Children. Faith, Jr, And Kenzie. I have a passion for DIY, Baking, Gardening and I Dream of one day being completely reliant on ourselves for food and essentials.

Faith is Three.. And more intelligent than I could ever explain.  She has a personality that is one of a kind. She has Autism but that doesn’t stop or define her. She thoroughly enjoys learning about anything and everything, on levels that should be way above her. She can do anything other children can do, just in her own special way, and on her own time.

Our son’s name is actually David Lee Jr. Named after his daddy of course. He was 10 weeks premature weighing only 3 lbs 13oz at birth. He came home after a little under a month in the Neonatal Intensive care Unit (NICU) and has only surprised us every day. He’s 1 now and is a very active toddler. He’s building his vocabulary daily and learning how to climb which only causes My heart to stop a million times a day from him trying to jump off of couches or chairs. Being the only boy doesn’t seem to faze him.

When MacKenzie was born, Faith nicknamed her Kenzie. She was born at 27 Weeks Gestation, meaning she was 13 weeks early. Weighing in at 2 lbs 8 Oz She spent two months in the NICU before being able to come home. She’s also a year old now. Her and Jr are 9 months apart. She’s still coming into her own, but she’s always happy, though. And she’s learning to sit up and hold her own bottle. She is taking her time with milestones, But it doesn’t matter because she’s getting there on her own time. She has us beside her, rooting her on!

We are working on getting closer and through trial and error, we’ve learned that time is precious, and we plan to spend every possible minute together growing as individuals, as a married couple, and as a family.


Faith Spring 2016


Family Photo Spring 2016


The Kids and David 2/2017


Jr 2/2017


Kenzie 11 Months




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